Quality control means personal accountability. LISS hosted services are maintained on two data centers in New York & Chicago and through a world class NOC.

When did dependable go out of style? Like the road that gets you from point A to B, it makes sense to us that the systems and services that connect you to your core contacts and customers need to be reliable.  It's pretty simple to us:  No road. No race. And venturing off-road into the Wild West with unproven providers can affect your ability to deliver--let alone get timely support. Yet with all of the off shore hosting services running on less than optimal systems, it's easy to see how some business get caught in the slow lane . So while reliable and predictable may seem like givens for your communication tools, so many service providers slow you down with solutions that simply don’t work.  

A division of LISS Consulting, LISS Online provides the email, Internet, voice, and other solutions that seem so commonplace in our disposable technology culture. Unlike other hosted providers, LISS Online never takes for granted the maintenance and infrastructure you need to connect your business to the world. As business people ourselves, we know all to well that even a simple crack in the asphalt, or break in service, can grind your workflow to a halt.

LISS Online also understands that all business happens fast. Even one missed phone call or lost email can have immeasurable costs. This is why we have developed our own infrastructure with redundant, high-speed bandwidth connections, intelligent route-control technology, a world-class 24x7x365 Network Operations Center  (NOC) and data centers in New York and Chicago to support you on a system we can both control and trust.

We understand dependable, while everyone else understands that minimal price means minimal service. That's why LISS Online keep the roads paved and the traffic moving because we know how much traction counts.

  • AntiSpam
  • Mail Hosting
  • Domain Hosting
  • Web Hosting
  • Colocation
  • Internet Access

For more information go to www.lissonline.com